Spooky Savings!

October has TWO birthstones – the more traditional Opal, and the more modern Tourmaline. Opal is a fantastic stone for fall, with all of those changing colors. Pale opals with flecks of fire, or black opals with a dark blue base. Tourmaline comes in many different colors as well – sometimes with multiple colors in the same stone!

Retirement Sale Continues!

With Tom and Kathy’s continued retirement reduction of inventory – almost everything in the store is 50% off. Why not more? You’ve seen places Going Out Of Business drop their inventory to 70% right? Maybe even more? It’s because Tom doesn’t inflate his prices, and never has. It’s one of the things that really made T. A. Gould Jeweler stand out as a real gem among jewelers.

Maybe you found a piece that’s $500 at T. A. Gould’s place, that you saw in another High End store for $1500. What’s the difference? Why is the other piece more? Is it better? Is there something wrong with Tom’s piece? No – what you’re seeing is a classic markup of jewelry. Different stores price their jewelry according to their costs. Rent, employees, location, and how much people are willing to pay all play into this markup. Tom has always kept his prices low. In part because his business isn’t in an expensive mall location, and partly because he believes in quality goods at affordable prices.

The price of gold is a huge factor in how much jewelry costs. Many places continually recalculate the retail price for their pieces, depending on how much the cost of gold has risen. Tom doesn’t. If he bought a piece when gold was sitting at $900 per ounce, and now gold is at $1,900 per ounce – you still get that piece at the $900 per ounce price. THAT is why you will never see a 70% sale in the store! As the retirement sale continues along, some of those pieces bought at low gold prices may start to disappear – into the melting pot, that is. So snag those pieces before they vanish for good!

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