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The Future of T.A. Gould Jeweler

Hello all - a personal note to my friends and customers: sometimes you reach for a chocolate chip cookie, only to find out they're raisins... all kidding aside, I've reached a fork in the road, and am closing down TA Gould Jeweler. I have been diagnosed with adult onset NPH. As a result, I have decided to spend as much time as I can with my wife Kathy, my family, and friends. I am cleaning out the vaults, and dispersing our entire inventory, including a number of personal pieces of jewelry. We anticipate having the business fully closed between Thanksgiving and Christmas. My timeline is unknown, but I am consulting with some of the top doctors in the field. The store will be open regular business hours for the most part. Stop by and say hello! I've enjoyed the many years of being honored to make your personal jewelry, and meeting so many wonderful people.


We are still doing some special orders, and completing projects, but are not taking in any additional repair work unless it was purchased from TA Gould Jeweler. We hope in the end to extend our personal timeline, but the store will still be closing regardless. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact us at the store during our business hours.


Our store closing sale is not your standard Going Out Of Business sale. Common industry practice is to flood the store with low quality merchandise, while raising the price on everything, in order to give the customer the illusion of deep discounts. This practice is called Mark-Up-Mark-Down. You see this done on anything from clothing to cars.


Are we bringing in extra merchandise? Yes - we are! Our friends and colleagues in the jewelry industry are sending over a beautiful selection of diamonds, colored stones, and mountings to help fill out areas that are thinning out in the store. This way, the selection of jewelry YOU have to choose from will only be top notch. However, we are NOT raising the prices on anything. You will see the same tags that have always been here, along with discounts on everything.


We have prided ourselves on providing the best quality jewelry we can to our customers, and our retirement sale is not going to change that. Now is a great time to look for pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, and more. We have beautiful mountings for engagement rings, and a large selection of diamonds to fit your budget. Our store also has a number of fun gift ideas, including silver jewelry in many shapes and sizes.


Our margins will be thin because we're not marking up items above their suggested retail, yet still giving you the benefit of a great discount. Come mid November, our discounts will only increase - but due to the nature of this sale, we will NOT be holding items for people. First come, first serve!


Grandpa Tom used to say: If you want first quality oats, you pay more. If you are willing to settle for oats that have been through the horse once, they come cheaper. You get what you pay for! Rest assured the jewelry purchased from T.A. Gould Jewelry are first-quality oats - you'll never find low quality chain-store goods here.


As mentioned before, we're looking at closing the store between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but that doesn't mean we're going to disappear. We will no longer be holding normal business hours, but as we finish up last-minute repairs and custom orders, our customers can still reach us by appointment. You can reach us via e-mail at tagouldjeweler@arvig.net and by phone at 218-346-7550